#11 Nicole Krauss

Bestselling American novelist Nicole Krauss comes to Rotterdam

Nicole Krauss’ new novel is coming out in the US on 12th September. The Dutch translation, however, will be available two weeks earlier – a world first! Boek & Meester is therefore thrilled to be able to welcome the American writer to Rotterdam. Ernest van der Kwast will be discussing writing and Krauss’ new novel Forest Dark with her.

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Nicole Krauss made her international breakthrough with The History of Love: a novel, which was published in 35 languages and filmed just last year. Forest Dark is her fourth novel.

Jules Epstein, a rich New Yorker, decides to do it differently in his old age and to start giving his wealth away, bit by bit. He then travels to Israel with what he has left over to erect a permanent monument to his parents. He meets Menachem Klausner there, who regards him as a descendant of King David and invites him for a reunion. But are Klausner’s motives entirely honest? An American author is also staying in Israel. She leaves her family behind in Brooklyn and checks into the Hilton Tel Aviv hoping that it will serve as inspiration for her new novel. An encounter with Professor Geizi Friedman sets her on another course: he knows where Kafka’s unfinished manuscripts are and wants her to finish one of them.

Forest Dark is an enchanting novel about personal development, memories and the place of history in our lives.

‘A brilliant novel… I’m full of admiration.’ – Philip Roth

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Boek en Meester #11

Nicole Krauss

woensdag 30 augustus 2017
Museumpark 3
3015 CB Rotterdam
20.00 uur
deuren open: 19.30 uur
€ 10
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